I’m standing on the edge of a big rock, on an island, in the middle of “Kingdom Bog,” overlooking lilly pads, lotus blossoms, and a bright fuchsia sunset. I’m thinking about how much I love Maine, how great is it that we can drive 10 minutes from our house to go on a spontaneous canoe ride on a random Thursday night, and how good my life is!

We’re planning to camp out here on this little island this weekend so I’m asking Danny if we can bring two tents cause I’m worried about our hound dog sleeping outside at night, since he’s never been camping before, and then he hands me this card… “Read it,” he says. Here’s the card…

Resemblence of a Ring

Signifying Love, Trust, and Growth

Unconditional love from me to you
The warmth and comfort of our touch
Our dedicated way of reconnecting

Trust that we hold in one another
Our special moments of sacred intimacy
The committment we share to our relationship

Life long symbiotic growth
Creating ourselves and our lives
Empowered with possibilities and togetherness
Nourishment for our ever-changing relationship

This ring will resemble the meaning I hold for you in my life

“What!? Is this for real?” are my first words. Then he gets down on one knee and says “Honey” with this huge beautiful smile on his face, “I’ll give you my onlyness if you’ll give me your tomorrow” (later I find out this is from the Johnny Cash song “If I Were a Carpenter”). “Marry me” he says and then I say “Yes!” and then I of course start crying!

Kingdom Bog

Danny Piper is such a good man. He’s kind, loving, thoughtful, patient, passionate, and inspiring. He’s a carpenter, a potter, an artist, a gardener, a lover of the earth and nature and good food. We met in Colorado 527 days before he proposed and I knew he was “the one” from the moment we met.

I remember watching his broad shoulders as he walked back to his jeep after asking me to dinner (we met at the Bamboo Market, a Health Food Store in Steamboat Springs, Colorado) and my first thought was “I think that’s my husband!” And if you know me at all, you know that I never ever planned on getting married or having a “husband!”

It’s totally corny but I feel like the luckiest woman alive!

I want to share with you the power of intentionally creating your life verses sitting back and waiting for it to happen. On February 4th 2007 after a lifetime of serial monogomy I made an intentional choice to spend six months on a solo spiritual cebatical, no dating, no flirting, just getting clear about what I wanted for myself and my life.

I then spent the next six months on a dating rampage, the point of which was to date without getting attached and without getting into a relationship! What a powerful exercise! After six months of this experiment I was so done with dating! So on February 4th of 2008 I decided I would only see people I thought could be “the one.”

I made a list, which I still keep in my desk drawer, called “qualities of my life partner.” So that I could begin calling this person to me. Here it is…

Adventurous, compassionate, loving, adores me and I adore them, committed to making a difference, loves the outdoors, romantic, funny, considerate, beautiful, in love, likes to surprise me, faithful, believes anything is possible, loves to snowboard, swim, hike, camp, snuggle, environmentally conscious, and then I thought, “Well if I could have anything I wanted,” so I added rich to the top!

Danny and I went on our first date 7 days later on February 11th. I told him I loved him that night. He’s everything on the list except rich but that was an afterthought anyway and plus he’s young! We spent spring in Colorado, summer in Alaska, fall in New Hampshire, and winter in Maine. I feel like I could spend several lifetimes with him and never run out of in-love-ness.

At Gina & Matt's Wedding

I know this might start sounding unbelievable but Tuesday night in my “Creating Happiness” Seminar with Landmark Education I was looking at an area of my life I’ll call “not being proposed to yet.” I saw that I had been missing out on my actual relationship with Danny due to worrying about the future. I created the possibility of being “radiant and free” and then after thinking about Wilbur in Charolotte’s Web I changed it to, “radiant pig!”

Inspired by being a “radiant pig” on Thursday morning I created a set of intentions for my life between now and the end of the year to inspire me and wake me up to that I am creating my life not just along for the ride. In the relationship category I wrote, “I am present to the miracles I have created with Danny! I am happy, joyous, kind, trusting, and in love with my soulmate! I am engaged!” That night he proposed.

Cool. Huh?

I’m sharing this with you because I want you to know magic is possible. In any area of your life magic is possible. Especially in the areas of your life you’ve given up on, feel resigned about, are worried, annoyed, stuck, troubled, or afraid of. Be it your health, relationships, weight, career, whatever it is. This is it! This is your life! This is your one precious lifetime! Why not create some miracles?!

I’m also sharing this with you cause I want you to know that eating well, eating awesomely outrageously well, taking extrememly good care of yourself, being able to think well and sleep well, being vibrant and alive, and taking time out to reflect on creating your life, is worth it! It’s worth your life!

To celebrate our engagement we came home from canoeing and made a wonderfully yummy fruit dessert that I’ll share with you!

Healthy Dessert Recipe

Engagement Dessert

In a food processor combine strawberries, rasberries, blueberries, mango, bananas, and a tiny bit of organic milk just enough to loosen it up! It should be creamy and soft. You could also add a nut butter or nuts as a topping or coconut flakes but it’s delicous plain too!

If you want the secret recipe for creating the relationship of your dreams sign up for a free holistic health consultation with me! I’d also recommend you check out Redefining Monogomy or Have the Relationship you Want for a fresh new approach to finding your soulmate.

Thank you for listening to my most romantic story, for being a part of my life, and for sharing in my joy! Yippee!