I just wanted to share this funny and inspiring story from a client with you!

“The grocery store has become a scary place! At every turn are a number of traps designed to ensnare the weak and uninformed. Since working with Gretchen, I’m able to eliminate entire aisles with a quick glance and move on. There’s the cookie aisle, the chips and soda aisle, the sugared cereal aisle and the aisle with pudding snacks and highly sugared juices. There’s also the processed, meals in a box aisle. Just add water and stir. I was once able to go to the salad bar and only see veggies, but now there’s pudding to mix with your fruit and even double size portions of cake with frosting. There’s no sacred place in the grocery store these days. The final assault comes as you’re standing in the checkout line with stacks of candy on either side of you. They’ve even started placing double size portions of carrot cake on a table as you enter the line. Each piece has a little orange carrot made of frosting on top. I suppose this gives some people the false idea that they’re getting their vegetables with each piece of cake. It takes a skilled shopper to make it through this maze with healthy choices in your cart. Gretchen’s coaching has helped me eliminate cravings for these dead end foods. I don’t even miss them! There are so many wholesome foods available, we just have to be wise shoppers as we enter the spider’s web.” – 52 year old male

Here’s to navigating the grocery store! My next health food store tour is coming up November 14th at NOON at the Belfast Coop! Free tour of the store and much more fun than the scary grocery store! Email me at gretchenheilman [at] gmail.com for more information!