“Prevent trouble before it arises. Put things in order before they exist. The giant pine tree grows from a tiny sprout. The journey of a thousand miles starts from beneath your feet.” ~Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

1972543_10152428107393284_6611666688820551226_nSugar Blues?

Are you hungry but seldom satisfied? Does your energy dip at 3:00 p.m.? Are you engaged in a late night staring contest with your fridge? Do you need a little something sweet after your meals? Do you feel tired upon waking, easily irritable or unmotivated? If so you could have the sugar blues.

Don’t worry, you can kick the habit without depriving yourself of sweets! Sweet healing foods, healthy recipes, natural energy foods, and healthy snacks are just the beginning. Herbs can provide a natural way to balance your blood sugar, hormones, and stress levels so that you have stable energy. Pretty soon you’ll be craving greens! Really!

Then there’s adding in all the sweet things you’re really craving. Sugar is sweet but life can be sweeter! Ready?!

The results you get out of participating in our personal programs… 

  • increased energy and a deeper more restful sleep
  • increased cravings for greens and healthy recipes
  • saving money on packaged foods and health care bills
  • clarity, productivity, security, looking great, feeling 100%
  • waking up to a future you are excited about living
  • more fun, spontaneity, and a juicy sex life at any age

Usually start with a (little or big) complaint.

Symptoms are messages from the body that something is out of balance. It could be your food, your lifestyle, your stress level, etc. 

A condition is a label given to explain a particular set of symptoms. There is no condition in which nutrition counseling and herbal medicine will not make a positive difference.

As a holistic pracitioner I do not treat the symptoms of disease or conditions, instead I add in healing foods and plants to support your body’s own natural ability to heal itself.

The ten most common complaints people come to Alive and Awake Healing Arts for are…

  • allergies
  • blood sugar imbalance or cravings
  • cardiovascular issues
  • depression or mood swings
  • food allergies and sensitivities
  • hormonal imbalance
  • insomnia
  • low energy
  • stress
  • weight loss or weight management

Additional complaints that people produce extraordinary results with are…

  • acne
  • arthritis
  • allergies
  • bloating
  • constipation
  • chronic fatigue
  • diarrhea
  • endometriosis
  • fertility
  • fibroids
  • headaches
  • heartburn
  • high blood pressure
  • irritable bowel
  • low immune function
  • menopause
  • premenstrual syndrome
  • prostate health
  • sinusitis
  • skin problems
  • thyroid function
  • urinary tract and vaginal infections
  • vertigo

What kinds of people participate in our personal programs?

  • busy professionals and business owners with demanding schedules
  • young people or teens with concerns about their health
  • people travelling, eating on the go, and needing high energy at work
  • students, couples, and new families wanting to start out right
  • social workers, nurses, healers, and people who support people
  • people wanting to enjoy retirement free of pain, disease, and medications
  • soon to be parents who want to look, feel, and be their best
  • people wanting to live a long, happy, healthy life, and give back

How does it work? Our programs help you integrate the following concepts…

  • being present, in the moment, and mindful is the key to healing yourself
  • your symptoms are your teachers versus something to suppress or fix 
  • your cravings are a message that something is missing from your life
  • you can learn to heal yourself by understanding what your body needs
  • your food builds your blood, cells, tissues, organs, thoughts, emotions
  • whole, colorful, alive, vibrant, fresh, real food creates the same in people 
  • if you add in delicious, nutrient dense foods, your body will sort out the rest
  • spirituality, relationships, activities and passionate work are part of your diet
  • your body is a highly intelligent complex living system, hardwired to heal
  • being healthy is a way of living not someday when you’re perfect

What about the herbal medicine component?

  • herbal medicine is the oldest form of healing on the planet
  • herbal remedies support, strengthen, balance each organ system
  • herbs are used most effectively by nudging the body to heal itself
  • custom designed herbal formulas take into account your specific situation
  • recommendations for teas, tinctures, powders, or capsules for your lifestyle
  • your recommendations may or may not include herbal remedies, you can choose
  • herbal products or supplements are not included in the cost of your consultation

Is there anything else that isn’t included in my personal program?

  • no guilt, right/wrong, good/bad, counting calories, restricting, depriving
  • no dieting or prescriptions about what you should and shouldn’t eat

At this point you could be in one of several places either…

  • A. I’m ready tell me how to get started right away!
  • B. Tell me more.
  • C. I‘m interested but how do I know it’s going to work for me?
  • D. It’s not for me.

Wherever you are is perfect! Here’s what I recommend for you…

healing gardens

A. Contact Gretchen now to get started!

B. Find out which program is perfect for you!

C. Take advantage of the initial holistic health consultation today!  

 D. Thank you so much for visiting Alive and Awake Healing Arts! I wish you a joyous life and vibrant health!