“Self-care is the mechanism by which you optimize your positive impact on the world.” ~ Holly Noonan

“The miracle is not to walk on water. The miracle is to walk on the green earth, dwelling deeply in the present moment and feeling truly alive.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh


Individual Support

Programs for men, women, and children, available over the phone or via skype, will transform your body, your food, your health, and your life in a positive, powerful way, forever. 


dsc024631Herbal consultations

An herbal medicine consultation is perfect for you if you are eating well, taking excellent care of yourself, and still have some persistant unresolved health concerns or if you have totally forgotten this and would like to be reminded to eat well, take extremely good care of yourself, and strengthen your body’s natural ability to heal itself. The herbs give a nudge to remind you.

Herbalism is the oldest known healing modality; healing plants nourish the body and bring it back into balance. Medicinal herbs can support healthy immune function, digestion, cardiovascular health; they can stabilize hormones, blood sugar levels, and moods. Herbal medicine can address specific health issues in a way that diet alone cannot.

Your herbal formula will take into account your unique constitution, health history, medical history, lab tests (if available), family history, food history, energy levels, cravings, stress, sleep, and lifestyle. Traditional diagnostic techniques include, tongue, pulse, and facial diagnosis. Additional considerations in developing your herbal protocol include possible herb-drug interactions, safety issues in pregnancy and lactation, sustainable methods of harvesting the plants, and using only the highest quality herbal ingredients.

One hour consultations available over the phone or via skype. Follow up consultations are recommended every three to five weeks, depending on your particular situation. A minimum of three consultations are recommended for maximum benefit.

Together we will design a program perfect for your needs which will include a tea, tincture (alcohol extract), powder, and/or capsules, and can also include the following:

  • education on traditional and modern dietary theories
  • crowding out cravings with delicious, nutritious food
  • small simple steps, action-oriented experiments
  • smart menu planning, shopping, preparation, and cooking
  • fun activites and exercise you are passionate about
  • create a community of healthy loving inspired people supporting you
  • healthy foods at work, on the road, on the weekend, on the go
  • details on specific food groups and how to navigate food shopping
  • details on organic food: organic meat and organic vegetables
  • how to shop for organic produce on a budget and essential organics
  • deconstructing sugar cravings and breaking sugar addiction
  • adrenal fatigue, stress reduction, and natural foods for longevity
  • understanding caffiene, natural energy foods, and natural sweeteners
  • healthy food recipes for kids to make and healthy snacks for adults
  • feng shui kitchen detox and how to organize for a snack attack
  • food and herbs for women’s health, painful periods, menopause
  • food and herbs for men’s health, prostate health, sexual health


Motherwort Farm Events

Maine. Worth a visit worth a lifetime. The way life should be. Vacationland. If you’re from Maine you know the slogans are true! If you’re not I invite you to come stay at Motherwort Farm in my guest cottage, attend an herb walk, cooking class, herbal medicine making classes such as: Spring Herbs for Cleansing and Renewal, Build Your Own Family Herbal Medicine Chest, Sneaky Herbs for Smart Kids, Wildcrafting Your Back Yard, or Herbs for Postpartum Vitality. 


Not sure if it’s right for you?

Your first personal program begins inside of a conversation in which your life, your health, your future can change dramatically forever. This conversation provides you with clarity, power, and choice in creating the future of your dreams. It’s one hour of your time and you will be empowered to take the next step, whatever that is for you. Available via phone or skype.