I feel more relaxed. I have some great new recipes to use, a more positive and confident attitude about myself, I lost a few pounds. My painful periods have totally cleared up. I have more energy, my hypoglycemia and cravings are really in check and I know what I need to do to take care of myself. I have a better understanding of whole foods and how different foods affect my body.” –  28 year old female, Designer/Artist


“I have a much better understanding of how foods affect my life and my body. I’m cooking a lot more and spending a lot more time in the grocery store. I think more about meals and how certain menus will affect me in the course of the day. My moods are more stable and my sleeping through the night has totally improved.” –  27 year old female, Business Owner


I have more love for myself, weight loss (50 lbs), improvement in skin with psoriasis, I learned about different food choices and I gave up caffeine.” –  43 year old male, IT Consultant


“Gretchen offers powerful coaching and transformational listening. Over the course of six months of bi-weekly individual sessions she helped me break through many old patterns of eating, thinking, and being. Each session inspired and empowered me to make life-altering changes in my life. I always felt seen and heard, as well as challenged to reach for the next level of possibility. I am forever grateful for our partnership in healing and transformation and recommend her counseling and care to anyone seeking powerful, compassionate, and holistic coaching and change in nutrition, lifestyle, and well-being.” – 31 year old female, Acupuncturist


“The words that come to mind when I think of Gretchen are vibrancy, passion and possibility.  Through my work with her, she helped cultivate those qualities in me as well, with her words, with her food and herbal recommendations and with her presence.  I could sense that she was deeply connected to and fulfilled by her work.  I’d leave with such exciting ideas enthusiastically written on a sheet of paper.  A rainbow box of vegetables!  Hula-hooping!  Nourishing breakfast!  She knew so much about the herbs – both from a scientific perspective and from a rich, poetic perspective.  The custom formulas she developed were completely tailored to me.  My digestion improved, my complexion was rosier, my mind clearer.  My true self became much more visible and in the world. She is a gifted healer.” – 26 year old female, Student


“Seven years later, I am living the life I created out of your program. I only buy organic and shop faithfully at a local organic food market instead of the nearby convenient grocery store and I carry in my own cloth bags of course. I get all fresh vegetables only never from a can or frozen ever. I cook very little with olive oil but use coconut oil or vegetable broth instead. Bye-bye white or enriched anything and hello whole wheat and always organic breads. Always free range or local eggs. Both my husband and I did the program together and that was a huge plus! We both became committed to eating fresher and healthier and cutting out the fat and junk! It was much easier and even became a really fun project to do this as a couple shopping together and reading labels together. We wouldn’t have it any other way now as it has become our way of life. It has trimmed us down and made us healthier middle aged adults looking forward to a longer life on the planet.” – 60 year old female, Office Manager


“Gretchen presented the Sugar Blues workshop with great enthusiasm and had everyone’s attention on the content of her material. She has great energy and kept the workshop very interactive. Gretchen made a believer out of me on how unhealthy sugar is for human consumption. To this day, I am very conscious about my sugar intake. I will definitely attend more of her workshops in the future.” – 45 year old male, Manager


“Dear Gretchen, I want to thank you for being such an incredible support over the past several months. I can see how you have been a transforming force in my partner’s life. Thank you for really ‘being there’ when I could not be. I am amazed by how he has just opened up to everything. It is miraculous! And a testament to your skill in guiding people. I am so grateful for your presence in his life. Your infectious enthusiasm for life and bold inquiring nature are fun to be around. And I just think you are terrific! Thank you so much for everything. We appreciate it all and we are grateful.” – 40 year old female, Social Worker


“I participated in a health food store tour with Gretchen Heilman and found this tour to be extremely helpful in my journey toward holistic health. After years of unhealthy eating, I was encouraged to learn about healthy food choices Gretchen would offer along the way.  She allowed a lot of time to answer questions and spent over two hours going up and down each isle. Gretchen brings a wealth of knowledge around healthy foods and herbs. I found this tour to be educational and very beneficial to my well-being. Bring a notebook, a pen, along with an open-mind and be prepared to hear many fine words of wisdom. You will not be disappointed on this tour.” – 45 year old male, Manager


“A real affirmation of what I’ve known intuitively (Redefining Diet Workshop), now backed up by science.” – 46 year old female, Artist/Teacher


“Gretchen is a wealth of information about so many things and she has such a wonderful, encouraging manner when counseling. I consider myself a fairly competent “from scratch” cook, but had not experimented with using different grains (aside from morning cereal) and greens (aside from making salads). Gretchen not only shared creative ideas to incorporate into meal planning and leftovers, but also researched the specific health benefits and nutritional values of various herbs, spices greens, grains, fruits and vegetables. I even learned about the benefits of using seaweed, or “sea vegetables” in my cooking! The cooking class my husband and I took from Gretchen was the best. We met some new friends, made a delicious fresh lunch on a cold winter day, and left feeling invigorated both intellectually and physically! An additional bonus for me was a 10 pound weight loss, a reduction in my caffiene intake and a stimulus to break my addiction to sugar. I feel great and consider my program with Gretchen time very well invested!” – 52 year old female, Speech and Language Pathologist


“This program has been life changing for me! I have a whole new appreciation for the good foods that are available. I include more greens in my diet than I ever did in the past. I have virtually eliminated sugar from my diet where as in the past, every meal had to have a sugared item in there somewhere. I have participated in meal planning and shopping more than ever. I avoid processed foods like the plague. I have lost 18 lbs and can see myself dropping another 10 more! I include grains with meals to regulate my blood sugar levels over a longer period. I love quinoa! I’m eating meals that stay with me longer. I eliminated soft drinks and alcohol for four months. My energy level with mountain biking has increased and my recovery time is quicker. I’ve rediscovered better sweet foods, I’m drinking more water, I discovered green smoothies, and I’m more aware of everything that goes into my mouth. I’ve learned the value of a good night’s sleep. I strive to eat more consistantly throughout the day and not play catch up at night. Gretchen has been an awesome coach! She has a gentle way of suggesting things without making me wrong. This technique has given me the freedom to either incorporate ideas or not, it’s a judgement free zone.” – 52 year old male, Entrepeneur


“I’ve had a drastic reduction in menopause symptoms (night sweats, mood swings, hot flashes, concentration). I am not taking anxiety meds anymore and I feel very liberated by that. Goodbye “late night person” and hello “morning person!” My food choices, especially snacks, I really gravitate to the fruits and not the sugars. I’m eating more veggies, organic meats and poultry. Nite time cravings are much less frequent. My energy level is better but still needs work. I watch less TV and do more activities. I rode a horse, started yoga, and hiked with my hubby. My health concerns are not overwhelming me anymore. My #1 realization is that I care about me! Gretchen you are a remarkable support and wealth of information. You push me and I feel inspired by your confidence in me.” – 46 year old female, Patient Account Supervisor


The main thing is that I’m not worried about my health anymore. I have more intuition around what to eat and I’m proud of the choices I make. I find myself observing my “carbon footprint” and in general being more “green.” I’m cooking daily now. Cooking breakfast this morning I opened a new bottle of olive oil and realized that I used to get vegetable oil before. I make my own trail mix. I have more energy. My cravings have changed from “need” to “want.” I’m outdoors a lot more than I was. I also have no headaches, less heartburn (it was daily), eat less carbs, drink way less coffee, and I don’t overeat or eat too late at night. I exercise more now, eat smaller meals, eat slower, chew my food, eat fruit and drink water a lot more. Best of all, I know I’m worth it. – 47 year old male, Sales