“If you are what you eat and you don’t know what you’re eating do you know who you are?” – Claude Fischler






Open Your Eyes

USDA Food and Nutrient Database – What’s in your food?

Center for Science in the Public Interest – The real deal on food!

Calorie King – The science of calories, nutritional database!

Nutrition Data – Analyze foods, recipes, and search by nutrient!

Glycemic Index Database – Manage your blood glucose levels!

Produce Oasis – How to select and use the freshest produce!

Slow Food – The movement for real honest local food!

Truth In Labeling – The real truth about MSG!

Fluoride – A different take on the health claims of flouride!

Splenda – The science behind this sweet deception!

Cholesterol myths – The truth behind the war on cholesterol!

Good eggs – A fresh look at the sunny side of eggs!

Environmental factors for health – Public health awareness of harmful toxins!

CDC on chemical exposure – Report on human exposure to chemicals!

High-Fructose Corn Syrup Contains Mercury – One more reason to eat real food!

Wallet Guide to Seafood – Download this for when you shop for fish!

Research your health concerns – Dr. Mercola’s website!

Holistic healing 101 – Database for everything about holistic health!

Alternative and Integrative medicine – Knowledge base for alternative therapies!

Grass-fed meats – Why it’s better and how to order it!

Raw milk – Real milk facts and myths about raw milk!

Good quality meat, dairy, eggs – Guide for eating well!

A new look at milk – Not “got milk?” but “not milk!”

Local community supported agriculture – Local harvest is clearly the best!

Health benefits of coconut oil – Delicious, nutritious, and oh so good for you!

Maine Coast Sea Vegetables – Yet another reason to love the coast of Maine!

Food Additives – What’s in your food could be making you sick!


Open Your Mind

Landmark Education – Transform your life, create what’s possible!

Ideas worth spreading – TED is a resource for sharing and learning!

Heartmath – Eastern wisdom meets western medicine!

Laughter yoga – A yoga movement of ridiculous joy!

Project Happiness – A worthwhile project for the world!

True Hope – Vitamin supplements for mental health!


Sing and dance


Move Your Body

The Center for Mindful Eating – Awareness around eating!

Health at Every Size – Awareness around body image!

Explore your National Parks – Get outside in your back yard!

Travel Fitness – Tips, exercises, and a packing list for the road!

Exercise Friends – Find an exercise or workout partner near you!

Health Clubs – After you find your exercise buddy, find a gym near you!

Sit and Get Fit – Stretching at your desk?! And much more fun!


Healthy Families

Christina Northrup, MD – Women’s health and empowerment!

Healthy Moms Online – Mothering Magazine!

Kelly Mom – Breastfeeding and parenting!

La Leche League – Worldwide support for breastfeeding!

ICAN – How to avoid a C-section & C-section support!

Holistic Moms – Find a chapter of moms near you!

Concious Woman – Birth, parenting, and women’s health!

Two Angry Moms – Transform your school lunch program!

Natural Family Online – Tons of great information for healthy families!

Holistic Pediatric Organization – For families and holistic health professionals!

ICPA – International Chiropractic Pediatric Association!

Emotional Recovery From a Cesarean – Read this if you’ve ever had one!

Organic Green Mommy – Green baby and mommy registry!

Women to Women – Excellent resource for women’s health!


Arabic herbal medicine guidebook









Learn Your Herbs

American Botanical Council – Educational non-profit everything herbal!

The American Herbalists Guild – Association of Herbalist Practitioners!

United Plant Savers – Preserving medicinal plants!

Maryland University of Integrative Health – Study herbal medicine in Laurel, MD!

California School of Herbal Studies – Study herbs in Forestville, CA!

Sage Mountain – Education and Retreat Center in Barre, VT!

Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine – Herbal program in Ashville, NC!

Blue Ridge School of Herbal Medicine – More herb classes in Ashville, NC!

The Columbines School of Botanical Studies – Botanical healing in Eugene, OR!

North American Institute of Medical Herbalism – Herbalist studies in Boulder, CO!

Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism – Herbal curriculum in Montpelier, VT!

One World Healing – Healing herbs, massage, holistic studies in Ashville, NC!

David Winston’s Center – Herbal medicine classes in Herbalism in Washington, NJ!

Ithaca Free Clinic – Free Herb Clinic in Ithica, NY!

Ohlone Center – Herbal studies in Berkley, CA!

Wintergreen Botanicals – A great resource in New Hampshire and more herb links!

Frontier Herbs – Fair Trade herbs and awesome health products!

Equinox Botanicals – Sanctuary, herbs, and great salves in Ohio!

Mountain Rose Herbs – Teas, oils, bulk, buy herbs from Oregon!

Pacific Botanicals – Beautiful Oregon farm, herbal teas and more!

Traditional Medicinals – Packaged herbal teas of good quality!

Avena Botanicals – Local Maine business, apothecary, magical gardens!


Grow Your Garden

Growing Chart – Article by Jean English!

American Community Gardens Association – Community!

Composting – Composting bins, gardening supplies!

Spin farming – What is spin farming? A new way to farm!

Kitchen Gardeners – Promoting local food globally!

Organic Gardening – Design your own organic garden!

Urban Garden – Nootes from an urban gardener!

Path to Freedom – Inspiring story of urban homesteading!

Outrageous Gardens – Plant a row for the hungry!

Seeds of change – Certified organic goodness, buy seeds here!

Johnnys Seeds – Employee owned company for buying seeds!

Native Seeds – Seeds, gardening tools, search for what you need!


Shop and Dine Green

Green People – Find a health food store near you!

Cooperative Grocer  – Food Co-op Directory!

CGIN– Cooperative Grocers Information Network!

NCGA– National Cooperative Grocers Association!

Eat local challenge – All the benefits of eating local foods!

Eat well guide – Eat well search by zip code!

Eat wild – All the benefits of eating natural foods!

Whole foods market – Despite being known as “whole paycheck” it’s great!

Organic Consumers – Organic Consumers Association rocks!

U.S. farmers’ markets – Find a farmer’s market near you!

Teeccino – All about caffiene free herbal coffee!

Bach flower essences – Emotional healing with plant medicine!

Vita cost – Discounted supplements and products!

Veg Dining – Guide to vegetarian restaurants around the world!

House of Nutrition – Vitamins, cod liver oil, tongue scraper, and more!

Affirm water or Klean kanteen – Stainless steel water bottles not plastic!

Eden Foods – Organic Beans, pasta, snacks, tea, oils, macrobiotics!

True Harvest – Essential health food products and condiments!

Bobs Red Mill – Excellent assortment of whole grains!

Fair trade chocolate – Good for your body, mind, and spirit!

Spectrum organics – Good quality oils are so essential to your health!

Eat more kale – Get a sticker and promote eating more kale!

Earth tones – Eco-friendly cell service!

Green karat – Ecologically responsible recycled jewelery!


More Food Politics

Michael Pollan – The ultimate resource for food awareness!

Animal Welfare Institute – Find farmers with compassion!

Certified Humane – Certified humane raised and handled!

Raw Vegan Network – Courses, connecting, everything raw and vegan!

The Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems – Go sustainable!

Food Security 101– Food justice, sustainability, education, empowerment!

Cornucopia – Empowering farmers and supporting a local food economy!

Ecotrust – Fresh thinking around eco-investing and more!

The Edible Schoolyard – Food, fun, education, healthy kids!

Farm to School Program – Linking farmers to school nutrition programs!

Food First – Food affects how people think, global hunger matters!

Island Grown Initiative – Local farming movement on Martha’s Vineyard!

The Meatrix – Cartoon movie about the meat industry!

National Organic Program at the USDA – Certified Organic Growers!

Food Co-op  – 500 tips for starting your own Food Co-op!

People For the Ethical Treatment of Animals – Animal rights awareness!

Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity – Independent research and prevention!

Seafood Choices Alliance – Sustainable fisheries and healthy oceans!

Union of Concerned Scientists – Global environmental health, practical solutions!

Westin Price Foundation – Nutritional anthropology and traditional ways of eating!




Land Use and Farming

MOFGA – The Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association!

Farmland Trust – The Farm bill, saving farms, and why it matters!

Ecofarming – Ecological Farming Association for healthy farms and food!

The Land Institute – Ecologically stable land development education!

New Farm– Healthy soils, nutrition, and the green revolution!

Farm Foody – Connecting people interested in farms and food!

The Stockman Grass Farmer – Grassland ideas from all over the world!

Sustainable Table – Healthy sustainable food choices for your table!

Wild Farm Alliance – Connecting food systems and ecosystems!

Chicks For You – Hover’s Hatchery!





MOFGA – The Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association!

Mind Body Nutrition  – Holistic Health Counselor in Camden!

Apothacary By Design – Integrative pharmacy in Portland!

The Belfast Coop – Why I moved to the Belfast area!

Belfast Garden Club – Local garden club in Belfast!

True North – Functional medicine in Falmouth!

Belfast Maine – All the local stuff if you live in Belfast!

Green Store – Green general store in Belfast!

Good Tern – Rockland’s Coolest Co-op!

Rising Tide Community Market – Damariscotta’s Darn Fine Co-op!

Natural Living Center – Bangor’s Health Food Store!

Blue Hill Co-op – Community Market in Blue Hill!

Jillson’s Farm – Real food, real people, real maple syrup!



Wild Carrot Herbs! – Women’s reproductive herbalist in Cambridge!

Kripalu – Education and retreat center!

Boston Organics– Organic produce delivery!

Wilson Farm – Fresh produce in Lexington!

Russos – Gourmet market and farm in Watertown!

Circles of Wisdom – Healing supplies in Andover!

Healthy Homes Cleaning – Green, non-toxic cleaning service!

Goddess Dancing – Belly dancing!

Organic Garden Cafe – Raw foods restaurant and juice bar in Beverly!

Masaos Kitchen – Macrobiotic restaurant in Waltham!


New York City

Integrative Nutrition – World’s largest nutrition school studying all dietary theories!

Caravan of Dreams – Organic, Vegetarian on East 6th Street!

Organic Grill -Good clean food on 123 1st Ave!

Sacred Chow – Low carbon, vegan, hard core, and cool on Hudson St!


Baltimore Washington DC Metro Area

Tai Sophia Institute – MS in Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Healing Arts in Laurel!

Roots Market – Great organic natural foods market in Clarksville and Olney!

Noras – Fine dining, Asia Nora’s and Nora’s in Washington, D.C.!

Great Sage – Organic vegetarian cuisine in Clarkesville!

Yabba Pot – The best vegan and raw cooking you’ve ever tasted!

John Sheild’s – Gertrude’s at the Baltimore Museum of Art!

The Black Olive – Restaurant in Fells Point, Baltimore!

Woodberry Kitchen – Restaurant in Clipper Mill, Baltimore!


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